How to increase the returns from projects while reducing the costs by shifting the project focus, from cost, to value via the TOP Value Equation.

“The shift in focus from cost to value transforms projects, often doubles the business results and allows the organization to invest less whilst reaping far more in returns.” --- Jed Simms

This 59 minute webinar was presented to Teknologisk Institut, Aarhus, Denmark, by Alexandra Chapman in Oct 2016:

Alexandra Chapman: "In this webinar, I give you a practical overview of the learnable and teachable tools that TOP is made up of. I hope you enjoy the session and invite you to link to me on LinkedIn if you have further questions".

We cover:

  • the three decades of development in TOP - Totally Optimized Projects,
  • the power and simplicity of the Value Equation™ in defining what you desire to achieve with a project and then how to achieve it
  • the "learn and teach" philosophy which underpins all TOP tools, techniques and processes.

Along the way, I illustrate the webinar with case studies and examples gained over the two lifetimes of work (mine and Jed Simms) and my work over 33 years in technology and business strategy, helping executives and project people learn the thinking models and techniques which make it easy for them to succeed with strategy and project execution.

Who should watch?

This one-hour webinar will be of immense value to everyone who has a role to play in delivering business value from projects - from the top management team, all the way through the organisation levels and functions: Finance, Project Portfolio Managers, Product Managers, Steering Committee members and Project/ programme managers, Project Office, etc.

In the webinar you will learn:

  • What happens when you shift the project focus from ‘Cost’ to ‘Value’;
  • How the TOP Value Equation links your project activities directly to the benefits you want to deliver – every project, every time;
  • How change management and benefits realization is made simple when using The TOP Value Equation;
  • How TOP tools, techniques and processes work in practice and how to define what you want to achieve - in clear, value-to-business terms - so that this drives your projects to consistent and successful deliveries;
  • Answers to your questions about the methodology; and
  • Information about the 3-day intensive TOP Value Equation Certification course held at Teknologisk Institut.

Please feel free to share this video under "creative commons" so that we can get the word out to everyone who can benefit.

Topics: Value Delivery, Value Equation