Where to start with project governance

Understand the governance roles and responsibilities of the project team. Become familiar with the use of business cases to ensure value delivery.

Why projects fail

Project management alone will not prevent failure - we need project governance as well.

Project Governance - knowing what, when, why, how

Business professionals have a critical role in project governance, yet few realise this.

The four dimensions of project governance

Project governance dimensions - what to do, when to do it, why you are doing it, how to do it

How Project Governance can destroy projects

All of the major project disasters of the past 30 years have been "governed" by otherwise competent executives who did not know what to do when their projects were failing.

The art of project governance

Project governance is more than just turning up to meetings and making decisions - it is about getting value from the projects you direct and control.

What is project governance

Learn how project governance is the link between strategy, the business, value, and results.

Project Governance - how to lead, not follow

Learn these 10 TOP rules for project governance to become a project leader, rather than a project follower.

Six steps to increasing project success

Coordinated project manager and project governance steps are needed to ensure project success.

Effective project governance can be simple

Simply, project governance is a strategic role, and not a project management role.

Delivering successful projects can be simple

The TOP Value Equation, Project Governance and Benefits Delivery tools ensure successful projects can be delivered simply.

Where does the value go on projects?

TOP research shows where project value is lost, even as project costs increase.

TOP Launch 2012

Historical record of TOP methods and thinking in 2012.