CIO's need to execute strategy and deliver business results.

To be highly valued by the business community, CIOs need to assume accountability for executing strategy and delivering business results.

CIOs are often perplexed at the apparent conflict between the criticality of IT to their business and the low regard the business has for IT. 

Here we explain what is going on behind the scenes in the minds of the business and where they do appreciate IT and where they don't. 

CIOs can use this as a game-plan to increase their actual and perceived value to their organizations. 

Aspiring to become a "Strategic CIO" comes at a price.

Using the TOP Value Equation, Jed Simms explains how this is possible and the prerequisites that need to be in place.

This 62 minute video was presented to the North Carolina TTEC Meeting in August 2015.

Topics: Value Equation