TOP's US Partner conducts a '3 nights and done' course on Strategy Execution at Princeton - for you for free.

"How Do You Execute Strategy?"

Princeton University is offering a series of courses under the heading "3 Nights and Done (3ND)". This is a non-profit, online education platform 3 Nights And Done founded by members of the Edge Lab at Princeton University. Designed to fit between a 15-min TED talk and a semester-long college course, 3ND serves as a middle ground, with fun and educational 3-nighter sessions given by leaders in academia and industry. The courses are free. "How do you execute strategy?" has been developed and presented by Bob Phelan. Bob previously was the CEO of a GE company and is now TOP's USA Regional Partner.

Even the best strategies will fail if they are poorly executed. Around 50% of strategies are not executed, so this is an important topic. Here is an opportunity to quickly get up to speed with the key issues around strategy execution.

The course leverages the TOP strategy-based IP and approaches.




Topics: Strategy Execution

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