False bases cause current strategy and project delivery processes to be complex, unnecessarily. Execution can be simple

Is strategy execution, project and value delivery inherently complex or have we just made it so?

Do the project ‘experts’ make it complex to justify their existence?

Do the consultants make it complex to justify their fees?

False bases

Or is it that the bases of strategy execution and value delivery processes are false and, therefore, as they try to cope with new challenges they become more and more complex?

From over 30 years of research into what drives success on projects and strategy execution we have determined the bases are indeed false and, that re-baselined they can be made simple.

We have gone back to basics to reinvent strategy execution and value delivery to make it simple.

Execution can be simple

We have proven that with the right processes, tools and techniques, strategy execution, prioritization, project governance, project success and benefits management can be simple.

You can do less work, deal with less complexity and incur less cost yet successfully deliver your strategy, projects and value—IF you have the right tools, techniques and processes in place.

These processes are simple to learn and use—they are just too often missing or deficient. Each gap, each deficiency increases complexity and reduces your capability to successfully deliver your strategy through projects.

Build rather than replace

You don’t need to replace your existing strategic planning or project management approaches—you just need to make a choice:

1      Do you want your projects to remain complex and liable to seriously under-deliver your strategy?

2      Or do you want your projects to be simple and designed to specifically deliver your strategy?

You need to make a simple choice and take the necessary action.

It really is that simple.

To understand the nature of this choice, what is involved and what tools, techniques and processes are readily available for you to make your strategy execution, project and value delivery simple—read our new book:

  Download now "Strategy Execution • Value Delivery • Made Simple"

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First published: Simms, J. (Mar 2016) as "Are We Making Projects Too Complex?"

Updated: Chapman, A. (March 2020), Revisions and Corrections