TOP of the morning to you!

We’ve been ‘off-air’ for a few weeks while we turned the world upside down and repositioned what we do.

It all makes sense and indeed, clearly differentiates us from ‘the crowd’.

Value Delivery Management (VDM) is no more. The name was always a holding pattern until we identified one that truly summed up what we do.

Now we have it

TOP™ – Totally Optimized Projects™

This is not just a name but what we actually do – we equip companies to totally optimize their projects.

  • To remove the waste, the lost time, the excess costs, the value loss.
  • To focus on outcomes optimisation end-to-end from the initial idea through to post project benefits realization.
  • To deliver more projects in less time and for less cost.

Over the years we have reduced project costs by 20-30-40% and more, and increased their value by up to 100%.

The room for improvement with project performance is immense.

We’ve worked out what needs to be done and how to do it. How to optimize each and every project and program, and each and every process step.

You can be on TOP of your profession.

More information is coming very soon

Meanwhile you can browse our new website

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