TOP provides a comprehensive, top-to-bottom approach to enable successful benefits and value delivery.

The TOP Value Delivery Solution

Over the past few weeks we've illustrated where the value goes on projects - mostly through invisible 'holes'. The TOP Programs are specifically designed to address the ‘invisible’ value losses and cost increases. They remove or minimize value loss by going back to the fundamentals and refocusing all project delivery activities onto optimized business value delivery. Each program makes its own contribution and cumulatively these programs ensure you consistently deliver more value in less time and for less cost – the TOP value proposition.

The value optimization contribution of each program can be summarised as follows:

Program Value contribution summary  
Project initiation
  1. Ensures the project is set up for success
  2. Enables early culling of projects
Project investment management
  1. Ensures the most valuable projects are approved in the right order
  2. Enables the culling of invalid business cases
Benefits realization management
  1. Enables an end-to-end focus on and effective delivery of the available value
  2. Enables all value variances to be tracked, measured and analysed to increase future results
Business requirements
  1. Enables operational complexity to be reduced, often by 40% and more
  2. Enables the business to clearly define its future operational requirements in process terms
Business case
  1. Enables the identified value to be optimised to ensure the ‘best bang for each buck’
  2. Enables all types of projects to be prioritised on consistent, comparable bases for optimal investment
Change delivery management
  1. Enables continuous and progressive change and benefits delivery
  2. Enables all project activities to be aligned and managed to deliver agreed business outcomes
Technical delivery management
  1. Ensures all technical activity is aligned with and contributing to the desired business outcomes
  2. Enables business management and staff to manage technical issues as business issues
Project/program management
  1. Enables project and program managers to focus on delivering, enabling and supporting business value
  2. Refocuses conventional project management tools onto value delivery
Project governance
  1. Ensures the business project governance teams understand their roles and accountabilities and are equipped to deliver them
  2. Refocuses governance teams on to the protection and delivery of value
Project portfolio management
  1. Enables the portfolio to be managed to deliver maximum business value
  2. Ensures the organization has the capability to successfully deliver its planned portfolio
Capability development
  1. Enables the organization to plan and deliver a progressive project delivery capability uplift program to increase its ability to successfully deliver projects
  2. Ensures the organization is capable of successfully delivering its strategy.

Details of these programs are available at the TOP website

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