Essential reading for 2016 - new TOP ebooks available on Amazon - to create and sustain a 'value delivery' mindset.

New and updated TOP books on Amazon

TOP requires different thinking to the norm. Focusing on value. Challenging current conventions. Increasing your organization's capability to deliver value from its strategy and projects. 

Over the past few weeks we have updated and uploaded a series of ebooks onto Amazon on Value Delivery and other topics for you to access and read. These are in addition to our existing ebooks on Amazon—such as "The Capital Crime", "Solving the Benefits Puzzle" and "The Choice"


"Eliminating Project Waste" 

The massive business opportunity hiding in plain sight

How and why projects are wasting massive money and opportunities, and what you can do about it.

For all accountable for project results.

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"Managing for Value"

The processes you need to consistently deliver the total value available from your projects

The 11 process areas you need to have in place and working effectively to successfully and consistently deliver value from your projects. 

For all accountable for project results.

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"The TOP 5%" 

Only the top 5% of firms are capable of delivering their strategies, projects and business value in full. It is simple to become one of the top 5%

How the top 5% of organizations achieve their extraordinary results from their strategies and projects.

For executives & all accountable for project results.

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"In search of the Holy Grail for projects" 

What if there was one step you could take that would single-handedly increase the value oe each and every one of your projects?

What is the one thing you can do to immediately improve the performance and increase results of your projects?

For all accountable for project results.

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