Here are the answers on how to direct, lead and ensure the successful delivery of your projects, their business outcomes, benefits and value

The focus of the past 20 years has been on improving how projects are managed so as to avoid failure. The focus has been on the project, its objectives, its costs, its deliverables and failure avoidance. This is current orthodoxy but is insufficient.

There is another necessary side to projects - the business side that focuses on successfully delivering desired business outcomes, the value and improving business performance.

This book challenges the project-focused orthodoxy. It challenges how projects are conventionally approached and delivered by adding the business value perspective. And it does this quite deliberately as using just the orthodox project delivery approaches cause projects to miss, lose or destroy more value than they deliver. And you cannot afford to perpetuate this high level of waste.

In this book we also challenge some of the accepted beliefs, advice and standards - because they don’t work or don’t work well enough to deliver the available business value.

Our focus is simply to arm you so that you can direct, lead and ensure the successful delivery of your projects, their business outcomes, benefits and value.

This book is written for executives - busy executives who are not running the project but do have to live with the consequences, the business outcomes. We therefore do not cover ‘how to manage a project’ as this is not where the major problems exist. The problems exist in how the business approaches, defines and delivers the sought after business results, returns and value.

We have segmented projects into three stages

  1. Pre-Business Case - when the costs and downstream problems are locked in
  2. Business Case - when the value equation proposition to be delivered is defined
  3. Value Delivery - when the outcomes and benefits are (or should be) realized.

Within these three stages we have given you 15 questions (and the answers to look for) to equip you with the knowledge and perspectives required to shift your projects from being value compromised to being optimized.

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Topics: Value Delivery, Business Case, Project Management